title: Crash Test & Car Safety


Car design and materials: improving the safety record

Test your car safety knowledge. Click here for a text only version.

When did it become compulsory for front seat belts to be worn in cars in the UK?

It is not compulsory, just a recommendation.

According to the law, who should wear a seat belt in the rear?

Adults only. They are not suitable for children.
Both adults and children over 1.5m tall?
Children only.
Wearing seat belts in the rear is not compulsory.

Which are the UK's most dangerous roads?

Rural "A" roads.
Urban "A" roads.

Which European country has the most fatalities in car users?




The motor car has been a form of transport since early last century. The numbers of vehicles on the road has increased dramatically and in 2001, people travelled nearly 500 billion miles on UK roads.

Early cars had few safety features but modern vehicles are now tested and must comply with the highest of safety standards. These have been achived with the use of improved design and new materials.

photo: vintage motor car
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photo: Modern car