title: Chemical Hazards
Chemicals have symbols to show their possible hazards.Chemicals are grouped according to the types of effects they could have.


symbol: corrosivesymbol:corrosion

Chemical cause burns if it comes into contact with the skin

symbol: highly flammablesymbol; Highly flammable
Highly flammable

Can easily catch fire

symbol: toxicsymbol; toxic

Could cause harm if the chemical comes into contact with skin, if ingested or if vapours are breatherd in.

symbol: harmful to the environmentsymbol; harmful to the environment
Harmful to the environment

Will cause harm to living organisms if released into the environment.

symbol: irritantSymbol: irritant

Damages skin or eyes if they come into contact with the chemical.

symbol: explosivesymbol: explosive

Chemical could cause an explosion.

symbol: carcinogensymbol; toxicCarcinogen


Chemical can cause cancer if it comes into contact with the body or is ingested.

symbol: radiation

Material is radio active and gives off ionising radiation


Hazardous chemicals are not just in the laboratory.

Look at these examples of hazards in your house.

Move the mouse over the symbols

symbol: irritant symbol: harmful to the environment symbol: explosive

symbol: carcinogen




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