What is the probability of throwing two numbers the same?
title: Events With Two Parts


Dice have six sides and there is a probability of 1 in 6 (1/6) of throwing any particular number.

So what is the chance of throwing a 5 and 3 at the same time? Click for the answer.



Theory and practice

It is unlikely that you found that it took exactly 18 rolls to get a 5 and a 3. That is because the theoretical probability of 1 in 18 would only be achieved if you took an average of hundreds of rolls.

It is important to remember that theoretical probabilities will only be a good indication of real life when many hundreds or thousands of examples have been looked at.

Observed probabilities

Experimenters make tests to prove or disprove a theory. Will this experiment give the theoretical probability for throwing a 5 and 3?

  1. Click the button to throw the dice or click for a text description.

  2. Count how many attempts it takes to throw a 5 and 3.

  3. Repeat the experiment to see if you get this result each time.

You have found the experimental probability.