title: Fireworks - Worth The Risk?

photo: fireworksFireworks are very hazardous. They can damage eyes, cause burns and contain explosives. So why are they sold to the public and why do so many people use them?







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Ban fireworks! Enjoy fireworks safely

Each year in the UK, about 1,000 people are injured by fireworks.

Many millions of people take part in private firework displays or visit public displays without injury at all.

Since 1996, four people have been killed in firework accidents in the UK.

True, but to put the danger into perspective, each month 250 people are killed in road accidents.

The hazards are too great. People can be scarred for life

The hazards are great but fireworks are generally safe if handled correctly. See Firework Safety.

They scare pets.

Many pets do not like the loud noises and should be kept indoors.


Fantastic displays are great celebrations.










You choose

Any activity has some risk attached to it but often the benefits are greater than the risks. Although it can never be zero, the risk from fireworks can be reduced if they are handled properly. You decide what risk to take.

Remember to always handle fireworks safely. Follow these rules.