image: cylinderSchool laboratories can be hazardous places. A risk assessment should be carried out before every experiment.

A risk assessment looks at the hazards and how they can be reduced to acceptable levels. Information on hazards can be found in books or from safety cards.

Effect of acid on magnesiumimage: flask

  1. Put a piece of magnesium ribbon into a boiling tube

  2. Measure out 30cm3 of dilute hydrochloric acid and add it to the boiling tube.

  3. Observe the reaction and test the gas given off with a lit wooden spill.

Risk assessmentimage: safety goggles
Look at the experiment and decide on what precautions should be taken to make the risks acceptable. Roll over the headings to see the answers.



title: Risky Experiments









Make the assessment

You must decide if you can do the experiment safely. If the hazards are reduced and the right precautions taken, does the experiment seem to be too risky or not?

Do a risk assessment for all your experiments and you should be safe in the laboratory.