title: Related Web Links

Brent Spar

Shell UK: www.shell.co.uk
Greenpeace: www.greenpeace.org




Institute of Materials: www.materials.org.uk
Chemical Industry Education Centre: www.ciec.org.uk
NASA: www.nasa.gov
NASA - asteroid extinction: http://impact.arc.nasa.gov/
National Statistics Office (UK): www.statistics.gov.uk
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents: www.rospa.co.uk











Brominated Flame Retardants

Association of European Consumers: www.consumer-aec.org
The Bromine Science and Environment Forum: www.bsef.com
UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: www.defra.gov.uk

Roadcode - an interactive highway code: www.roadcode.co.uk/
UK Government road safety campaign: www.think.dft.gov.uk/



PVC in healthcare

Healthcare Without Harm: www.noharm.org
US Food and Drug Administration PVC information: www.fda.gov/cdrh/ocd/dehp.html
DEHP Safety assessment (pdf format report): www.fda.gov/cdrh/ost/dehp-pvc.pdf
Medical PVC - European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers: www.ecvm.org/code/page.cfm?id_page=7

General uses of PVC

Greenpeace PVC alternatives database: www.greenpeace.org/~toxics/pvcdatabase/
British Plastics Federation: www.bpf.co.uk
European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers: www.ecvm.org






Crash test

Euroncap: tests the safety of all new cars: www.euroncap.com
McLaren Formula 1 racing: www.mclaren.co.uk/
Ultra Light Steel for Automotive Bodies (ULSAB): www.ulsab.com/